Value of
Authentication Service

  • Andy Warhol/Alice Cooper/1970s

Whether your Warhol, Basquiat, or Haring is found to be genuine or not, the detailed report that you receive will provide greater insight into what you own. If your work of art is declared authentic, a letter from Richard Polsky Art Authentication could prove useful in a private transaction, auction house sale, or lead to another opportunity: after authenticating Alice Cooper's Andy Warhol red Little Electric Chair, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame requested it for a long-term loan.

Transaction Advisory Service
We’d like to make our 40 years of art market experience available to our authentication clients, should your painting turn out to be genuine. Our Transaction Advisory Service will assist you in both private deals and auction sales if you decide to sell your picture. Our expertise includes everything from setting prices to determining the best venue to sell your property. Over time, we have developed relationships with key gallery owners and auction house figures, and can put the benefit of those contacts to work for you.

Please note that this is an independent service which is not contingent upon using our authentication service.

Rates vary depending on whether we are providing guidance or are actually involved in facilitating the transaction. 

“I once watched Andy’s mother sign his paintings!”
— IVAN KARP, the dealer credited with discovering Warhol, as told to Richard Polsky