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Richard Polsky is the author of two well-known books on Andy Warhol and the art market: I Bought Andy Warhol and I Sold Andy Warhol (too soon). The former was featured on NPR (interview with Renee Montagne) and the latter received a full review in the Wall Street Journal (by Alexandra Peers). Previously, he published The Art Market Guide, a series of books which evaluated the investment potential of blue-chip artists. In 1987, his San Francisco gallery Acme Art hosted just the second exhibition of Andy Warhol paintings in the history of the city, which opened only two days before he passed away. Richard Polsky has also participated on art authentication panels, including one sponsored by the State University of New York at Purchase, which covered such diverse artists as Andy Warhol and Jackson Pollock.

Richard Polsky is also the author of The Art Prophets, which includes a chapter on "Street Art," that features Jean Michel-Basquiat and Keith Haring. He has written about the financial aspects of each artist's market in The Art Market Guide series.

Mr. Polsky got his start in the art world in 1978, as a gallery director, and eventually opened his own space, Acme Art, in 1984. Besides mounting a Warhol show, the gallery presented solo exhibitions of Ed Ruscha, Joseph Cornell, and the Outsider artist Bill Traylor. In 1988, he became a private art dealer — which he remains to this day.

Richard Polsky Art Authentication has been featured in over 200 international online publications and media outlets including: Time, Rolling Stone, The Smithsonian, The Guardian, The London Times, USA Today, the BBC, CNN, Fox News, etc.

NPR Interview with Richard Polsky
Listen to the interview here.

“History books are being rewritten all the time.”
— Andy Warhol