de Volkskrant, May 30, 2019

Richard Polsky Quoted in Article about the Moco Museum in Amsterdam

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ArtNet News, May 9, 2019

Richard Polsky Quoted for Upcoming Christie's Sale

Here’s What to Expect at the $1.3 Billion Spring Auctions in New York.
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Barron's, March 29, 2019

Where to see Basquiat Around the World

Richard Polsky is quoted commenting about Jean-Michel Basquiat becoming another American art world myth, joining Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol.
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The East Hampton Star, March 7, 2019

Who Will Preserve Jackson Pollock's Legacy?

Will the concerns of long-time guardians of Pollock's oeuvre be proven in the marketplace? Richard Polsky now authenticates works by Jackson Pollock.
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ArtNet News, January 17, 2019

Jackson Pollock Is Perhaps the Most-Forged Postwar Artist. This Man Wants to Identify the Fakes

Jackson Pollock Is Perhaps the Most-Forged Postwar Artist. This Man Wants to Identify the Fakes.
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ArtNet News, November 14, 2018

How One Lucky Art Collector Bought Basquiat's Multimillion-Dollar 'Fried Chicken' Painting for $5,200 — and Got the Artist’s Cat in the Bargain

Richard Polsky writes about Basquiat's "Pollo Frito", up for auction now at Sotheby's for $25 million.
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ArtNet News, September 11, 2018

Warhol Wanted to Paint Houses and 4 Other Revelations From the Latest Volume of the Pop Artist’s Catalogue Raisonné

Richard Polsky discusses how the recently released book reveals new insights into the work of an artist we think we already know.
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ArtNet News, June 27, 2018

Why the Passing of Interview Magazine and the Rise of Gagosian Quarterly Represents a New Chapter for Art Criticism

Richard Polsky authors an article on some of the most inventive writing and ambitious art coverage happening in the pages of art-marketing magazines.
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Artlyst, June 12, 2018

Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné An Update By Richard Polsky

Richard Polsky's article on the progress of the Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné, and its immense value.
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fineartmultiple, May 16, 2018

The Warhol Sixth Sense: How to Authenticate an Andy Warhol Print

A comprehensive article on Warhol authentication, with a lengthy commentary on Richard Polsky.
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ArtNet News, May 15, 2018

In a Warhol Smackdown at Christie's, Which $30 Million Work Is the Better Bet?

Richard Polsky's article tells us that "only one is truly worth that kind of cash".
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ArtNet News, February 28, 2018

How Can You Tell If a Basquiat Is Real or Fake? Here Are Five Tell-Tale Clues

Last year's record-setting Basquiat sale inspired forgers to come out of the woodwork, says Richard Polsky.
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Art Law, February 27, 2018

The $110 Million Basquiat and its Aftermath

Richard Polsky speaks about the how the sale price of a recently auctioned Basquiat painting has "unleashed a slew of fake Basquiats onto the market".
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Boston Herald, November 10, 2017

Warhol art found in Amesbury attic

Richard Polsky comments on newly found Warhol artwork. "Everyone loves a treasure hunt," he notes.
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BBC News, October 18, 2017

The artist making 'new' Warhol paintings, 30 years after his death

Richard Polsky comments on Paul Stephenson's new versions of Andy Warhol's works.
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ArtNews, October 17, 2017

'It Was Just a Gift From a Friend': An Old Basquiat Associate Sets Out to Authenticate a Drawing

Details some of the steps taken by Richard Polsky to authenticate a Basquiat painting.
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USA Today, July 27, 2017

Alice Cooper discovers Andy Warhol masterpiece he forgot he had

Alice Cooper recently uncovered an Andy Warhol painting that spent over 40 years in storage alongside his old tour equipment.
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RollingStone.com, July 25, 2017

Alice Cooper Discovers Andy Warhol Classic in Storage Locker

"Little Electric Chair" print was "rolled up in a tube," could be worth millions.
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Time.com, July 25, 2017

Alice Cooper Casually Discovered Andy Warhol Art 'Worth Millions' in Storage

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BBC.co.uk, July 25, 2017


An interview with Richard Polsky about the Warhol painting found by Alice Cooper.

Smithsonian.com, July 24, 2017

Forgotten Warhol Silkscreen Found in Alice Cooper’s Storage Locker

The shock rocker acquired and then forgot about the work amid a "swirl of drugs and drinking".
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The Guardian, July 24, 2017

We found it rolled up in a tube

Alice Cooper discovers Warhol classic after 40 years.
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ArtNet News, July 20, 2017

Alice Cooper Just Realized He Got a Warhol Electric Chair 40 Years Ago and Totally Forgot About It

The discovery could be the first major market test of a new Warhol authentication service ...
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ArtNet News, July 19, 2017

The Warhol Market Gets Even Wilder as Richard Polsky Releases an Unauthorized Addendum to the Catalogue Raisonné

An article about Richard Polsky's newly launched RPAA Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné Addendum ...
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View the RPAA Andy Warhol Catalogue Raisonné Addendum.

Western Art & Architecture, June | July 2017

Authenticating Works of Art

An article by Richard Polsky describing the steps in authenticating artwork, with illustrations ...
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ArtNet News, June 13, 2017

Discovered in a Arizona Garage

Richard Polsky comments about a newly found painting by Jackson Pollock ...
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Western Art & Architecture, April | May, 2017

Turning 30 with Andy Warhol, by Richard Polsky

The National Museum of Wildlife Art celebrates a milestone anniversary with an exhibit of the famed Pop artist’s "Endangered Species" portfolio.
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Fox Rothschild LLP Art Law Blog, January 17, 2017

Richard Polsky Art Authentication Offers New "Preliminary Opinion Service"

Richard Polsky expands core business to offer a "Preliminary Opinion" service, which will focus on the work of 39 significant Post-War & Contemporary artists — and Georgia O’Keeffe.
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The Guardian, October 31, 2016

Agnes Martin paintings at center of wave of disputes over provenance

Richard Polsky gives expert opinion on authenticity in cases of provenance disputes.
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ArtNet News, July 22, 2016

Art Demystified: How to Authenticate a Contemporary Artwork

A discussion with Richard Polsky about art authentication...
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Sage Business Researcher, July 4, 2016

Q&A: Richard Polsky on Who’s Hot, Who’s Not

"The driving force of today’s art market is investment"...
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The Guardian, June 19, 2016

Art market shrugs off forgery case but finders of fakes still flourish

A New York court recently heard how a gallery sold more than 70 fakes but one art authenticator [Richard Polsky] says the case was such an outlier that its impact was minimal...
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The Art Newspaper, June 2016

Imagine how easy Keith Haring is to fake

The dealer and author Richard Polsky explains why he is brave enough to authenticate works by Haring and Basquiat...
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Blouin Art Info, May 10, 2016

Warhol Authentication Service Adds Haring and Basquiat to Roster

In November, Richard Polsky launched an authentication company devoted to Warhol, and recently announced that he has added Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat to the roster...
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Art & Auction, January, 2016

True or False?

In late October, author, art dealer, and self-described Andy Warhol expert Richard Polsky announced that he is opening Polsky's Andy Warhol Art Authentication Service — a welcome development in an industry where a diminishing number of experts are willing to make such guarantees. "It's terrific for the marketplace that somebody is willing to step up to the plate," says Judith L. Pearson, president and director of ARIS, an art title insurance company ...
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Blouin Art Info, November 9, 2015

Going Rogue: Authenticating Warhol After the Board’s Disbanding

Richard Polsky met Andy Warhol only once. It was 1986 when he bought a small “Dollar Sign” painting to include in a show of the artist in his gallery, Acme Art, in San Francisco. Just two days before the show’s February 24, 1987 opening, Polsky came home to an answering machine blinking with 10 or so messages, all with the same news. The artist wouldn’t make it to the opening: Warhol had died.
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Art News, October 28, 2015


In 2011, when the Warhol Foundation decided to shutter its Art Authentication Board, the reigning authority on Warhol authenticity, to focus on its grant-making activities, it said the move was in part motivated by a desire to avoid lawsuits from collectors who disagreed with its judgments. Subsequently, authentication boards for Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring, Robert Motherwell, Roy Lichtenstein, and Alexander Calder have followed suit.
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ArtTactic Podcast, October 30, 2015

In this week's episode of the ArtTactic Podcast, Richard Polsky, returns to the podcast to talk with us about his new venture, Polsky's Andy Warhol Art Authentication Service. First, Richard talks about the role the Warhol authentication committee played in the art world and the value it brought to collectors and the art market when it was in existence. Then, he speculates why no entities thus far have attempted to authenticate Warhol works and why he believes with his credentials and experiences with Warhol he's the right person to establish a Warhol authentication business. Lastly, Richard shares his strategy as to how he can grow his business so his authenticity service is recognized and respected throughout the art world.
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“Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches.”
— Andy Warhol