By Mail

You are encouraged to either email or call for an initial consultation, free of charge, to determine if your work of art qualifies to be authenticated.

Andy Warhol paintings, prints, sculpture, Polaroids, and drawings will be considered. Memorabilia, such as an actual Campbell's Soup Can that's been signed by Warhol, items of clothing screened with a Warhol image, etcetera, are not evaluated by this service. The same holds true for Basquiat and Haring: paintings, sculpture, and drawings will be considered.

Richard Polsky

Fee Structure:

Paintings and Sculpture — $2,500.
Drawings — $1,500.
Prints — $1,250.

Submitting by mail:

Click here to print out the Request for Authentication Form, agree to the terms of the inspection by signing it, and include a check for the appropriate amount (non-refundable) made out to Richard Polsky. Be sure to upload your image files below (or you're welcome to mail copies of your images).

Upload image files:

The final step is to email high quality digital images of the front and back of the work of art, including close-ups of any labels or signature. In addition, we want to know about the provenance (history) of the work of art, specifically the chronological "food chain" of everyone who has ever owned or exhibited it. Also of interest is support material, which can include any written documentation such as an invoice, a letter from a previous owner stating how he acquired it, an exhibition catalog in which it is reproduced, etc.

Because the file uploader is limited by the number and total file size of uploads at one time, you may need to send this form several times to attach all of your images.

What You Receive

Upon completion of our research you will initially receive notification by email, followed by a hard copy, stating whether your work of art was found to be inauthentic or authentic. The letter will contain a detailed explanation of how we came to this conclusion. Each work of art that we inspect, whether found to be genuine or not, will be documented and assigned a number that's recorded in our archives. Turnaround time is seven to fourteen days.